Give Arnis Stance to Fighter

Add Arnis Stance to Fighter?

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Nov 3, 2021
  • Description
Ever since I begun playing on the now defunct T3Fun server, I liked more having my fighter using Dagger as weapon, than using Sword or any other weapon type. The dps is really cool, and the debuffs are really helpful too.​
When expert level was a privilege on official servers, I had to do raids using only the dagger, since my characters (and most of the raid group) were on veteran level. I felt like the dagger dps really helped a lot on the instances, and the agility on the survival. And then It happened... Expert came, and I had to relinquish my dagger, because expert stances are way more powerful, and since that moment, you need to use them or else you wont be able to progress. And there was no expert stance for dagger.​
Ever since, I begun using Equites on my fighter, beside it isn't as great as combat with knives, it sure help a bit. But I'd like playing using dagger instead, and hurt the bosses and stuff when I take my fighter to a raid. I tried Peltast, but the stance is so so... It sure helps on hybrid gameplay but... I liked Equites more.​
Also, the Fighter is on most of skill icons for Arnis, probably was intended for them to get the stance, but the devs removed for some reason.​
Those are kind of the reason why I'm asking for the addition of Arnis stance to Fighter.​
  • Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic does it improve?
From my mind, all types of gameplays, except for dual wielding stances, have their expert mode stances, except for Dagger. Arnis would suffice that, if one likes playing using a Fighter with dagger, and probably will be more useful than giving it to a Scout, not wanting to devalue them, btw.​
  • How urgent is this, rate 1-5 (1 = low, 5 = high)
1 = Low. It would be cool having that addition to Fighter, but isn't something that much important.​
  • Will it affect the game economy?
I don't think it does. Maybe increase the demand for daggers?​
  • Will it affect a core feature of the game?
Well, people may begin to use Fighters with Arnis more. Depends on if they want their fighters to use dagger or not, or even the stance.​
Many people think of the fighter as a starter tank, so maybe that wont make half the server give them a dagger.​
  • If we approve it, what will happen?
Fighters will be able to use Arnis.​
  • If we decline it, what will happen?
Fighters will not be able to use Arnis.​


Apr 24, 2021
I agree.
But, is more for fun.
By meaning, arnis is a martial art, a real warriors don't use that, it's a shame for them.
And tronada - is more dmg stance than arnis. With tronada ring +300% skill dmg they are more dps than even some cash chars.