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Mar 25, 2020

We would like to provide a short guide what players are supposed to do when they encounter another player breaking one of our community rules.
We will use an example where a player is being disrepectful or even harassing/insulting someone.
It doesn't matter if this happens on website, Discord or within the game.
  1. Stay calm and block that player, if it is a provocation just ignore it.
  2. Make screenshots and write a personal message to "Zax" or "Dianmir" on Discord.
  3. Describe in two-three sentences the what problem is and add the screenshots.
    We only accept original and non-edited screenshots. We want to see the full situation and not just pictures/texts taken out of context.

    This will be accepted (Chats are visible, no editing, all windows of game can be seen):

    This won't be accepted (Chat is censored by editing, other windows of game can't be seen):

  4. We will check the report as fast as possible. If we find a player guilty of breaking one or multiple rules, a ban on Discord and in-game will follow.
    From this point on we will no longer give warnings first but directly ban. Furthermore we reserve the right to post the incident on our hall of shame.
What will happen to the player found guilty?
  1. Insulting, Harassment, Swearing, Disrespect, asking for free items, offensive account/character/clan names, blocking NPCs or Warp Gates.
    1st offense > 24 hours ban
    2nd offense > 48 hours ban
    3rd offense > 72 hours ban
    4th offense > permanent ban

  2. Everything else: Real-money-trading (RMT), botting, using exploits, etc.
    1st offense > permanent ban
We reserve the right to give higher penalties depending on situation.
If we find a case of harassment/insulting to be severe, player can be banned permanently on first offense.

Which words are considered harassment and/or insulting?
There is a thin line between provocation of another player as part of PVP activities and harassing or insulting.
Treat other people with respect just like you want to be treated by them.

Everything that revolves arround a persons mental health and sexuality is considered an insult.
Example: Don't use ANY offensive words like whore, retard, faggot, asshole, motherfucker, nigger, assfucker, bitch, pussy
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