How to write a suggestion

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Mar 25, 2020
Create a topic in this category if you have an idea how to make game more enjoyable.
Please keep following guidelines so our staff can work trough suggestions as efficient as possible.

  1. Write in English, use the template (see below), write full sentences. Suggestions in other languages will be declined.
  2. Only one suggestion per thread, otherwise stuff gets mixed up.
  3. Always provide valid arguments why a suggestion should be implemented, think about the whole community, don't be selfish.
  4. Make sure to search for existing topics before writing a suggestion.
    Sidenote: If a suggestion has been declined in the past, don't create a new thread about it.
  5. Create a poll with at least "Yes" and "No" as choices along with your suggestion.
  • Description
  • Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic does it improve?
  • How urgent is this, rate 1-5 (1 = low, 5 = high)
  • Will it affect the game economy?
  • Will it affect a core feature of the game?
  • If we approve it, what will happen?
  • If we decline it, what will happen?

Process (What happens after a suggestion has been made)
  1. Community members and staff should discuss it.
  2. A decision will be made by the server staff, which can be one the following: Approved, Pending, Declined
    Approved: The suggestion has been accepted and will be implemented.
    Pending: The suggestion is on hiatus, the discussion might continue later, we can't tell if later means days, weeks or months.
    Declined: The suggestion has been rejected, either because the required work isn't on par with the benefits or because the changes are too risky.
  3. Approved suggestions will be developed and tested.
  4. Implementation on the game will take place as part of a patch (update) and can be found on the changelog/patch notes.
Final words
  • We won't be able to implement every suggestion that is good, that is why prioritization will always take place.
  • We won't approve/decline a suggestion simply because it is a certain person that posted it, it is always about the suggestion, not the person.
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