Improvement reward of Achievement Infinito Challenge Round 100


May 2, 2021
The reward of Achievement Infinito Challange round 100 is not compatible with category difficulty "very hard" thats why i kindly asking to change the reward suitable with difficulty. the previous reward was Lyndon Medal Stone 3 pcs this is why it is not in accordance with difficulty on round 100++. since i make this suggestion not much people can do this but for current meta at least will possible to reach round 100 even more.

if we talk what we need change reward, this is what crossed in my mind:
1. Recipe 5Element Accessories box (random) 1pcs
2. or Recipe WB Accesories box (random) 1pcs
3. or Crafted 5Element Weapon Summon Stone (event) 5pcs
4. or maybe Ancient Stance Page 40pcs

i know some people will against but this will make people motivated to reach their goal.
sorry if my english is bad and i can't give a long argument like people did , at least at least i gave the idea on my mind :)
if you have other opinions please comment.
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