[NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 01.08.2023 (For All)

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Mar 28, 2020
Maintenance will take place on 01.08.2023 at [GLOBAL] 13:00 GMT+1. [SEA] 14:00 GMT+1.
The duration of the maintenance will be between 30 - 60 minutes or more depending on if issues arise

  • Previous Events ended
    • [Ararat] no longer digs for roulette.

  • Lyndon Character Buff
    • Added Rob / Cadet Rob / Christine
    • 50% Discount on Rifles and Crossbows (5 Elements)

  • Summon Stones Updated
    • Winona
    • Ankita

  • New Cash Shop Items
    • Blessing of the Stars (30 days) - 5000 A.Tokens (Limit 1 per month)
      • EXP +300%
        Stance EXP +300%
        Drop Rate +75%
        [Pattern of Star] drop rate +150%
        [Rank Token] drop rate +200%
        Storage Slot +2000
        Warp Extend +30
        Max Inventory Size set to 750
        Warp Free Pass Enabled
        Sedecram Pass Enabled
        Ancient Territory Pass Enabled
        Premium Pet Food Enabled
        Receive Daily Free Item from NPC [Andromida Token NPC]
    • White Dragon Card
    • Marcelino Card

  • EVENT: [Hot Summer 2023]
    • Event posted on Discord~

  • Map Changes
    • Bahamar, Demigod Forest
      • Changed Special Respawn mechanic to base map respawn mechanic. All monsters will level up according to amount of monsters killed. Killing enough monsters will spawn in [Royal Myconid] and [Great Snake Flower], announcement will be sent when they spawn. These bosses drop items required for "Vigilar" accessories.
    • Gigante Beach / Fire Island
      • Allowed to save warp again, disabled PVP and Baron. Monster level rises according to amount of monsters killed. Resets upon reaching certain level and additional loot drops around Level 128~130.

  • Quality of Life
    • PK Disabled for outside city maps.
    • Star Accessories tradeable
    • Symbol of Trust tradeable
      • Added 1 option to purchase for 250 GS a month

  • Character Release
    • Huntress Christine - Available through Lyndon Box
      • Weapon: Crossbow + Elemental Bracelet
      • Story: A huntress, who lost her memories, made a pact with dragons. She originates from a different world and bears a striking resemblance to another individual.
      • Stance: Dragalia
        • A magical firing stance that calls upon help from her dragon friends. Wearing a specific type of Bracelet calls upon a elemental dragon.
      • Job Skill: Wyrmpact
        • Call upon a dragon according to Bracelet-Type
    • Cadet Rob - Available through Cash Shop / Rob - Available through Login
      • Weapon: Rifle
      • Story:
      • Stance: [Blood Academic] / [Academic Sniping]
      • Job Skill: Target Confirmation
    • Stance Relase - Stalker

  • Bug Fixes
    • Legenda Armshield missing stats
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Mar 28, 2020
  • Character Balance
    • The following changes were for the characters due to presence in PVP. I'll comment on each balance on why they got the nerf or change.

      [Double Down] The Devil Ranger stance was conceived as a 'Hunting' stance, designed to eliminate [PC] targets with ease. I made the choice to provide them with invisibility. After several buffs to [Double Down] in PVP, there was a need for some changes, but I didn't have sufficient time to decide. Changing the cooldown instead of nerfing the Devil Ranger's skill attack was a better option, as it wouldn't render the Devil Ranger useless in PVP. The high damage output and long-range skills from previous balance already compensated for the use of [Invisibility].
      Cooldown: 20sCooldown: 25s

      [Double Down] The normal attack range was a problem in PVP. Due to how powerful Devil Ranger stance is, a change was really needed to quell the issue. As of this update, the range increase has been decreased from 2200 to 2000 (1900 unbuffed). Its a small change and will require Devil Ranger users to move closer. The splash type will remain since it has no significant issues.
      Max Range: 2200Max Range: 2000

      [Silent Move] As better characters with improved [Invisibility] mechanics and skill kits are introduced, it became apparent that [Calyce] and [Ralph] were unfairly left out of these enhancements. I've decided to reduce the cooldown of their [Invisibility] skills to bring them on par with more recent characters.
      Cooldown: 35sCooldown: 30s

      [Shadow Teleport] (Jin / Gin) It became clear that [Shadow Teleport] was extremely overpowered for Jin and Gin's kit, considering they are melee characters and difficult to eliminate. I decided to increase the cooldown to prevent them from being invisible all the time.
      Cooldown: 20sCooldown: 27s

      [Shadow Teleport] (Gin)
      [High Tide][Silent Move]

      [High Tide]
      Cooldown: 30sCooldown: 29s

      [Camouflage] Cecile was never utilized in PVP due to the long cooldown on her invisibility skill, necessitating a buff for her. By reducing the cooldown of her invisibility skill, she'll become a valuable addition in Field PVP for hunting non-tanky characters. I'll monitor her usage to address any potential issues if she becomes problematic.
      Cooldown: 80sCooldown: 42s

      [Taming Wolf]
      Max Placement: 1Max Placement: 2

      [Support Ballista]
      Max Range: 300Max Range: 1000

      [Mighty Victor], [Lady Crown], [Crown Lloyd] Recently, changes to Catherine the Summoner enabled her to be used in PVP as a support character. Due to unforeseen applications of these changes and a lack of ways to modify them, I've decided to decrease the number of entities she can summon at a time. I'll continue to monitor her usage to address any persistent issues.
      Max Placement: 5Max Placement: 3

      [Flare Shot] The skill was enhanced to counteract invisible targets and summoners. The recent buff has encouraged summoners to maintain a long-range position to keep their turrets attacking enemy [PC]s. By extending the range of the skill, the threat posed by summoners is reduced.
      Max Range: 1500Max Range: 1650

      [Cancer] Moon was initially designed to be a character adept at hunting invisible units. However, due to his poor damage output and unproductive skill mechanics, he was demoted to a support role. Future patches will be aimed at enhancing Moon's effectiveness, making him more playable in both PVP and PVE. This is a small step towards making Moon a stronger contender in PVP. I'll continue to monitor Moon's usage.
      Detect Range: 1500Detect Range: 1750
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May 31, 2020
  • Spicier Character Changes (REPVE)
    Battlefield Claude[Destructivo]
    Duration: 200 sec
    STR scaling: 1%
    ATK per level: 5%
    Block per level: 1.5
    Penetration per level: 1.5
    Immunity per level: 1
    Monster ATK per level: 5%
    A.R. +1
    Duration: 300 sec
    STR scaling: 9%
    ATK per level: 10%
    Block +25
    Penetration +50
    Immunity +25
    Monster ATK per level: 10%
    A.R. +2
    Skills ignore 120 DEF additionally
    INT scaling: 1.2-3%
    INT scaling: 8%
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