[NOTICE] Emergency Maintenance

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Mar 25, 2020

After the latest maintenance on 24.11.2020 18:00 GMT/UTC+0 various game functions like missions, market manager, monster spawns, etc. started to fail randomly.
We have checked the protocols but couldn't find any actual reason for it. Such a problem occured twice in the past and a server restart solved it.

As a result we have decided to do an emergency maintenance without big announcements to fix this as quick as we can.
The maintenance will be done on 26.11.2020 00:00 GMT/UTC+0. Patching after the maintenance is not required. You can simply re-login and continue playing.

Update: Maintenence has been finished at 26.11.2020 00:05, everything is working again. Duration was 5 minutes.
We deeply apologize for this. We will think of a compensation for all players as part of an upcoming maintenance.
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