[PENDING]Increase reward for finishing Prurio dailies


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Mar 29, 2020
As opposed to Illisia dailies which can give you 3-7 quests a day, which gives 4x Coupons each (With the exception of some that give 10x) and Bedel dailies which are repeatable. Prurio dailies are VERY limited because 1) You can only receive 2 missions a day for each side (Illier/Bristia/Vespanola/Armonia) And this doesn't increase as you acquire more favor points nor get renewed until you finish them (Some missions are harder to do than some and still give the same amount of rewards)

I'd like for the amount of rewards that they give to be increased to x4 instead of x2.

To further the argument, you'll need 12 Symbols of Trust to finish one elite artifact

In one Symbol of Trust, you'll need 75x Completion Certificates for each nation

Thats 2x quests a day, totalling 4 certificates at the moment (If you can finish both, as I've said, some quests are harder than others but still provide the same rewards)

You'll need about 18-20 days to complete one Symbol of Trust because of the sheer amount.

So if we can increase the the rewards of these quests, that'd be great.
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Jun 10, 2020
I agree, x4 a day seems lacking and that's for just 1 part of the puzzle. As mentioned, 75 pcs are needed.

Either increase the amount of rewards of lessen the needed ingredients for Symbol of Trust


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Mar 25, 2020
Suggestion status has been changed to [PENDING].
I'd like to check some numbers first, regarding how many players do this quest, how many items exist, etc.