Raid Suggestion - Maze Eris (goddess of strife and discord)

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Jan 21, 2021
  • fixed number of families enter (difficulty and drop quality increases)
  • first room common - no enemy
  • depending on families enter, number of portals will be shown
  • each family goes through a portal (same as Jormungand mission, without the possibility to re-join and enter a different portal)
  • for each there will be 5 rooms to concur
  • monsters are rotated (same as in Infinito Challenge) - spammed monster variable AR/DR with range between 70-90 or maybe more
  • last room = treasure (will appear when all players are in last room)
  • One life = one family dies, all lose
  • allowed resurrection skill from characters skills
  • if one character from family is dead, timer starts. If the character is not resurrected in the time interval, it will disappear (Destruction skill effect)

Additional difficulty (if this additional difficulties would be selectable would be even better):
  • different rooms, different debuffs
  • one character per family
  • no consumable buffs allowed (if the buff was active before enter, they will reset)
  • When one player reached treasure room, timer starts. If one player didn't reach treasure room by the expire time, end mission [for this no squad in game conversation method (no squad/faction/group/personal messages) - Tip: using Discord for communication]
This maze has the purpose to get people together or let there be strife and discord!

Coding wise:
  • See infinito challenge for rotation
  • Jormungand raid for portal separation
  • see multiple rooms functionality in Gate of Lightning
  • Mass Destruction skill from Van/Vincent
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