What's the best non-rare char for BH and solo raid?


Jun 9, 2020
I saw a lot of list about the best character to use for PvE and almost every thread talks about rare character all the time.
I know it's a good character, but as of now I haven't yet find a single thread where they reccomend non-rare character. I'll invest for ms. chung later, for now I need to win with non-rare one first.


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Jul 14, 2020
B.H. is very easy content, you could do it with almost any DPS characters, just don't expect to compare clear times to top-end.

Musketeers are the cheapest and easiest base budget choice you can use for Bounty Hunter. You can run most of the recruitable shooting characters, honestly for easier content. Crossbows are still excellent due to their high base penetration and Calyce is quick to recruit.

For rank missions, you could probably clear up to Rank 6 easily with those same characters with some investment. Again, it'll just take longer than the top end characters that would be able to clear it in seconds.

Physical Melee: Judith, Nena, Lynn, Ru, Kael, Adelina, JD, Cruise
Physical Ranged: Musketeers, Barrol, Leonele, Caisse, Calyce, any Flintlock with high Dex, Veil
Magic: Joshua, Sariel, Ion, Berthe and Charles

Definitely missed a few, but those are all valid choices for recruitable DPS
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Mar 29, 2020
Fix Nina ( Hector's rare version) to Nena, add Ania (good, tho not OP damage, OP defence, nice utility).
Basically most of chars with stat conversions ( "... In proportion to (extra) INT/DEX/AGI/STR", rarely HP) is usually viable lategame.
Those are usually hard to calculate, as there're usually no numbers , and there're hidden limits. But usually its worth it to go for chars that have a stat scaling.
Ania is a beast in terms of scaling.
HP scaling is tricky, tho, as HP is a defencive stat, so it can be troublesome to calculate damage of Tronada Cruise or Semilunar (tho Semilunar scaling is directly uncovered in balance changes a month ago).