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Hello, when i try to buy tokens it says "Country in which the card is issued is not included in the list of allowed. Please with site administration.", what can i do? I live in Italy.
Hello, Do you have paypal account? can you contact me on discord for fast response?

if you have paypal account send me the email address and the amount you would like to charge.
Hello Everyone ... Am A new Lover of GE Game.

I would like to make good friendships to enjoy with & gaming.

GEWolrd Family
Til now no answer why i got ban.
Note to myself:
Complain or report a bug. high chance you will get ban hammer here.
Welp. that's it for me. Thanks for experience. No matter what server. all same after all.
я не могу зайти в игру. пишет что аккаунт краденный, можешь посмотреть в чём дело ? просто я играю с другого компьютера временно
пишет что я должен отправить что то с сайта GEEU а я не знаю такого сайта
Hello, my friend’s account has been blocked for some reason. Can you check it for me?
have problemm to connect server
Server is under maintenance. only server staff can connect. Please join Discord for more information
Hola, solo me quedaban 5 días para recibir el personaje de alto maestro.
file: /// C: /Users/Diego/Downloads/GEAndromida/GEAndromida/release/screenshot/capture_20201223_161439_855.jpg
Hello guys im kinda new here so if you to play with me just dm to me so we can play together
anyway im from asia <3